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Join the Summer Racing Bike and E-Bike Tour

From Prague to Siegburg, 07.07.-13.07.2024

2024 we cycle seven days through Czech and German landscapes.

The tour will start in Prague. From there it goes via Karlovy Vary, Hof, Bamberg, Bad Brückenau, Grünberg, Hachenburg to Siegburg.

The participation fee is €990. This includes:

  • Transport of bikes and luggage from Bonn to Prague
  • Luggage transport during the stages
  • Support vehicles
  • 7 nights with breakfast (from 06.07- 13.07.2024 ) in double or single room (with surcharge)
  • Organization and GPS files
  • Snacks and drinks during the stages
  • High quality Tour Jersey

The surcharge for a single room is 250 €; unfortunately we can only offer a few single rooms, these are mainly for those "disturbed while sleeping".

100% of the financial surplus from the bike ride goes to fund the charity Run & Ride for Reading(

Summer Bike Tour 2023 - From Copenhagen to Siegburg

June 25 - July 1, 2023: A beautiful tour through Denmark, Northern Germany, Münsterland and the Lower Rhine region

When deciding to start in Copenhagen this year, some were skeptical. No mountains, no vertical meters, just flat. But the attraction of starting in the most bike-friendly capital in Europe prevailed. With 41 cyclists at the start, a new high of participants. Many took the opportunity to take a closer look at this city and were thrilled. Right away it was clear, this city looks to the future, dares new ideas not only, which concerns the bicycle driving, here meets old on new and unites.

First highlight, at the start over the innovative bike bridge and on good bike paths within Copenhagen. At the bike path along the main road could still be improved, the side roads, however, perfect for our tour. So we reached Maribo with a distance of 148 km so timely that still a small tour of the town was possible.

Thanks to the super team, the crossing the next day by ferry from Rodby to Puttgarden worked out great. The loading of the bikes was done quickly, so we could use a ferry earlier than expected.

On the route, the second day proved to be the real challenge of the whole tour with 146 km and about 800 meters of altitude and permanent headwind - for some a feat of strength. Scenically, the Schleswig-Holstein Switzerland has a lot to offer with magnificent views to the Baltic Sea and a picturesque hilly landscape. Oldenburg in Holstein as a small town with a historical background is an eye-catcher. Last meeting in Plön at the Plöner See, also here a tour was worthwhile. Arriving in Neumünster, almost everyone was glad that the hotel had a delicious evening buffet to offer.

On the third day was with 120 km the stage destination Bremervörde, with crossing of the Elbe near Glückstadt with the ferry. A somewhat damp crossing, if you did not seek shelter between the trucks, the constant wind, which unfortunately still came in front, and spray did the rest.

The weather seemed to us this year not so gracious, in Denmark still sun, it was overcast in Germany with occasional rain showers. A side trip to the old Hanseatic town of Stade just had to be, with its many old half-timbered houses and the small harbor, the next highlight.

Day four took us through the idyllic Teufelsmoor with its canals, in memory of the peat boatmen. A passage through Worpswede, a well-known artists' village, a disappointment, a certain flair was missing. Then the next ferry across the Weser into the Oldenburg region. The Oldenburgers also love their bikes and whiz through the city just as fast as the Münsterers.

You do not leave the cathedral square without a coffee break. The overnight stay then in the distant Emstek.

On the fifth day again a few hills, on the edge of the Teutoburg Forest in the Osnabrücker Land with many large farms and old half-timbered houses and an old historic mill, very worth seeing. Our overnight stay in Münster in the middle of the city brought some big city flair after the previous overnight stays. So many visited the restaurants at the harbor.

The last difficult stage with 152 km on the sixth day proved to be easy, the first section on beautiful side roads just rolled along. In Wesel, the sun came out and invited to a cup of coffee at the cathedral. For the overnight stay to Krefeld the distance led predominantly at the road on cycle tracks. Since the hotel in Krefeld offers no catering and there are no restaurants nearby, this year's final evening was a pizza / pasta party with a great advantage, we cyclists were among ourselves and could spend a sociable evening, well done.

The next morning, rain of all things on our last day, and that to Cologne without interruption, so we had not planned the conclusion. Also in Troisdorf-Sieglar, the last common break, no end in sight. The police accompanied us safely on the last section, which we then completed in blocks rather than in groups. In Siegburg, the weather god finally had insight and we were warmly welcomed by many relatives and acquaintances of the participants, super.

We would also like to thank the city of Siegburg and the tourist information for their support on arrival!

Impressions of the bike tour 2023


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